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Customize your home with T-111 siding

We at T1-11 Siding Guys offer you natural and plywood based siding which is properly overlaid for high longevity in your home at a very affordable price. The t-111 siding is made perfectly to give a wood like appeal in its appearance. We at T1-11 Siding Guys provide an ease of installation as well as insulation value. Due to its global use we at T1-11 Siding Guys have extended its use in class action lawsuit and home depot also. If you want to use t-111 siding just call us on 888-739-4293.


Varieties in T-111 siding

We at T1-11 Siding Guys provide you with widespread varieties in t-111 siding which includes the plywood and OSB (Oriented Strand Board) sidings. The plywood siding is a bit costlier than the OSB siding but it always gives a greater resemblance as wood if it is stained, primed and painted well and it ensure long lasting durability.OSB siding is less efficient than the plywood siding but it is really a standard offering. If you need more information regarding these varieties contact us on 888-739-4293.



The T-111 sidings in our T1-11 Siding Guys are available at two thicknesses 3/8 and 5/8. Moreover the sidings are accessible at 4x8 sheets and can be made larger as 4x10 also based on your needs. We at T1-11 Siding Guys properly coat all the exposed edges with high quality paint to prevent the sidings from de-lamination. At the end, you will find a vertical appearance as like boards of 4, 5, and 8 width. If you have any queries relating dimensions you can reach us through 888-739-4293.

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Performance and personalization

We at T1-11 Siding Guys only offer very durable plywood siding since it can give a realistic wood like appearance by the perfect painting and staining process we do. Also, with plywood siding you will get a best longevity in performance.

At T1-11 Siding Guys we offer OSB siding at a very low cost since it need not be painted or stained but plywood is expensive to the OSB siding since it gives a richer wood like look by the staining and painting process. We at T1-11 Siding Guys always recommend our clients to select the high quality plywood siding for better performance.

We at T1-11 Siding Guys allow you to select OSB siding or plywood siding based on its cost, functionality and life. For further information about the performance contact us on 888-739-4293.

Installation and maintenance

Once the siding is selected we at T1-11 Siding Guys install the preferred siding at your home using efficient and well experienced technician. To avoid the risk factors we at T1-11 Siding Guysuse only high quality equipments which is handled by our project experts. After the completion of the installation, it is genuinely primed, stained and painted to perfection to get the desired look and to prevent the damages.

We at T1-11 Siding Guys also make you understand in the maintenance of the newly finished siding so that you can ensure long lasting performance of your siding.

Stay in touch with us on 888-739-4293 for further information.

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